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Citco Dune

productsdm 2023
Dune is a mirror that appears to be framed by the dunes of the desert, thanks to the sinuous lines of its marble. Like the dunes, its mutable form seems to shift to the rhythm of an imaginary wind, creating a natural harmony with the surrounding environment. But what truly sets Dune apart is the poetic light it emits, thanks to its particular position within the frame. The light, reflected and diffused by the inner surfaces of the marble structure, creates a radial effect that seems to envelop anyone who gazes into it in an atmosphere of calm and peace. The smooth lines of Dune, with their softness and elegance, seem to bring to mind images of golden sand dunes rippling under the desert sun. But at the same time, these same sinuous forms seem to serve functionality, creating an ideal mirror for a refined and welcoming bathroom environment. In this way, Dune becomes a unique object that combines beauty and utility, poetry and practicality, evoking images of faraway landscapes and places that enchant the soul.