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Citco Somma

Somma is a lamp with a poetic outline, planned to express the elegance of a timeless material, and to impress the space and the atmosphere of the most exclusive living rooms. The structure is typified by a strongly emblematic design, generated from the interposition between door and light. The body of the lamp is entirely made of high quality marble, expertly hand wrought by the masters of Citco company in Verona. The object has an original construction and is composed by two structures: the former is related to the conformation of the arch, which acts as the Point Light, the latter being connected to the portal used as a reflecting panel, which is also made of marble and planned as to rotate on the vertical axis, to blind and direct the light. The led (4.000 k) embed in the outer structure is protected by a thin clear pane and creates a light that reflects itself on the central body. A brushed plate that hedges the underlying plastic crankcase which includes the revolving mechanism of the lampshade and supports the lamp. Somma is produced by Citco in three different combinations, ideally thought for every setting and each of the client’s needs: white Carrara marble matching copper plates; black Marquinia marble matching black, matte plates; classic Botticino marble matching bronze plates. The application of classic materials such as marble, copper and bronze combined with the innovative and modern design of the lamp give life to the final product. It is the result the Somma of a carefully thought and, at the same time, strongly sentimental work.

The name comes from the Latin sense of the word somma, which indicates the main part or the essential point, the highest power or the supreme degree. Everything is reconnected to what is at the centre of the final product: the essence of the form and the material. Almost like a Dantesque door, this lamp symbolizes the entrance to cross so to access a well established reality: that of the design.