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Rugiano Yacht

productsdm 2023
The Yacht sofa is a modular design piece that moves gracefully through space to create new living situations. This collection was designed with the idea of creating a flexible and convivial space that can adapt to the needs and tastes of the individual. The modularity of the sofa is virtually infinite and allows for a wide range of combinations among the elements, which can be moved and recombined at will. Thanks to this flexibility, the Yacht sofa is able to maintain its unique and personalized identity. The sofa's versatility is also supported by the wide range of fabrics and leathers in the Rugiano collection, which further allows for personalization of the Yacht sofa's design. The final result is a combination of comfort, functionality, and aesthetics that perfectly adapts to any interior environment. Like a yacht that navigates gracefully on water, the Yacht sofa moves nimbly through space, creating new experiences to live and new sensations to discover.