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Rugiano Landmark

The Landmark collection is a series of sculptural tables inspired by classical architecture, recalling the forms of columns and pedestals that characterized the great monumental works of antiquity. These furnishings were created to reflect the grandeur and elegance of classical architecture, but on a smaller and more accessible scale. The tables of the Landmark collection are made of a variety of precious materials, including high-quality marbles, brass, and steel. The careful choice of materials gives these pieces high durability and undeniable beauty, making them perfect for any furnishing context. Each table has been designed to be functional and aesthetically strong, with special attention to detail that makes them unique and exclusive. Their elegant form and solid construction make them a perfect addition to any interior design, transforming any environment into a unique work of art. The Landmark collection is a tribute to the grandeur of classical architecture, transformed into functional and aesthetically refined objects that embody the beauty, strength, and elegance of great monumental works.