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Vesta Fiori Chiari

Triple Sea Food
Happiness, almost certainly, is a flavor. And to create a flavor, all you need is a meeting: a few simple elements, but perfectly suited for each other. It's no coincidence that hospitality originated in the kitchen, on the shores of the Mediterranean, where welcoming those who arrive from the sea with a meal is the beginning of all forms of goodness. In ancient Rome, Vesta was the goddess of the home. There is a common thread, like the rope of an old fishing net, that connects the first temple of Vesta to the fires of our kitchen. It's the taste of simplicity. It's the pleasure of gathering around the table, looking into each other's eyes, and sharing a flavor. In ancient Rome, Vesta protected the family and community with the warmth of her flames. Today, her fire meets our flavors, genuine and ancient like hers.